Pre-K through 5th Grade Learning Program

EduMonitor educational materials make learning interactive and interesting for kids. We offer thousands of online study materials that include printable worksheets, coloring pages, kids activities, and science experiments project ideas.

Preschool Worksheets

Preschool worksheets. We offer thousands of free teacher approved preschool worksheets, coloring pages, and activities that spark preschool kids imagination. Our kid-themed, visually attractive, and engaging worksheets and activities are loved by preschoolers. Let your preschoolers learn alphabet letters, numbers, shapes and more using our Preschool worksheets.

Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten Worksheets are great tools to help your kindergartner to practice and explore new skills and concepts. Our worksheets are simple to use and visually designed to inspire kids to learn. The worksheets can easily be used in the classroom, at home or during vacation. Help your child learn alphabetical letters, sight words, math, history and more with our Kindergarten Worksheets.

First Grade Worksheets

First grade worksheets are some of our best resources to help first grade kids succeed. Our first grade worksheets are designed to help strengthen kids reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. They also help kids creatively explore the world around them. Let your child learn more about vowels, sight words, math, geography and more using our Kindergarten Worksheets.

Second Grade Worksheets

Second grade worksheets. Looking for second grade worksheets that can inspire and spark your second grader’s imagination? Our worksheets are designed with illustrations that spark kids curiosity to learn. Our second grade worksheets cover topics in math, English, social studies, science, and more. Need worksheets for the next level, try our third grade worksheets.

Third Grade Worksheets

Third grade worksheets are great supplemental education materials that kids need to do homework or learn new concepts. Our third grade worksheets and activities cover topics in math, writing and reading, social sciences, science experiment project ideas and more. Need more worksheets that will inspire kids to keep learning, try our third grade worksheets.

Fourth Grade Worksheets

Fourth grade worksheets. Our fourth grade worksheets are designed to capture fourth grade kids’ imagination. The worksheets are beautifully illustrated to make it easier for fourth graders to understand complex problems. Our fourth grade worksheets, which blend fun with learning, cover math, grammar, visual writing prompts, geography, history, and many areas. Looking for 4th grade math, social science, science, reading and writing worksheets, and activities or anything in-between, try our Fourth grade worksheets.

Fifth Grade Worksheets

Fifth Grade Worksheets are tools that Edumonitor has specifically designed to make both teaching and learning exciting. EduMonitor Fifth grade worksheets include math worksheets that cover topics in pre-algebra, geometry, and related calculations. 5TH grade worksheets will help kids to develop skills to interpret data, draw inferences from materials read, and be confident to solve math problems in topics such as advanced geometry, pre-algebra. Our Social science and science worksheets will help your fifth grader to explore and start to understand the world around them. Looking for worksheets that will make learning fun for your fifth grader, try our Fifth Grade Worksheets.

What Members say about EduMonitor

ed_circle-quote3I love EduMonitor. It contains quality educational materials that make it easier for me to help my grandkids with homework. My grandkids love your worksheets and activities. Keep up the good work! Clyde Pertin, Parent.


edumonitor| Education materialsI couldn’t have found a better website. EduMonitor has all the math worksheets I need for my students. I now do not need to endlessly search the internet for worksheets. I simply login into EduMonitor and download all the worksheets I need for free. Marylin H., Teacher.


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