About Us

EduMonitor is a go to leader in learning resources for preschool through fifth grade students. EduMonitor learning resources include math, language, art, and social studies workbooks. Other resources include worksheets, flashcards, games, and songs.

EduMonitor resources are developed with a whole student in mind. In addition to using proven research, EduMonitor engages students, parents, and teachers in a listening process to identify children’s educational needs. Armed with the information about what the students’ needs are, EduMonitor develops learning materials that students love.

EduMonitor learning materials are colorful and illustrated in great detail not only to help the students have fun but also to enable students learn as much as possible. EduMonitor materials are grade specific and topics are scaffolded so that when students master one topic, they are ready to move on to a topic that is more challenging until they ultimately master the subject. Additionally, while EduMonitor encourages parents to be involved in their children’s educational activities, the materials have clear and concise instructions that enable students learn independently.

STATE STANDARDS: our learning resources correlate with current standards.
HOMESCHOOLING: whether you are using our learning resources for homeschool, at home learning, summer program, or any other program, the resources have family activities that empower parents to be involved in their children’s learning activities.

At EduMonitor, we invite you to explore our materials and we request you to tell others about our awesome products.