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Looking for homeschooling learning resources for your child’s learning? Be sure to bookmark EduMonitor for a comprehensive library of PreK-8 learning resources across multiple subjects. Our kids learning resources have been developed with homeschooling in mind. Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey, we’re here to support you. Our library of learning materials gives you flexibility to tailor the curriculum to your child’s needs. Additionally, you can test your students’ skills mastery and use our gradebook to track their performance. Click here to learn how to create a gradebook.

Here are 4 ways you can leverage EduMonitor’s learning resources to plan your kids’ home learning curriculum in a way that works best for you.


Quizzes, practice Questions, & Exams

We have thousands of quizzes, practice exercises and exams on our Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS is specially designed to make teaching and learning easier and smooth for you. It is particularly handy to homeschooling; all the parents need to do is log into and choose the quizzes or tests for their students and they are sorted. Similarly, as a parent you can use this incredible learning resource to develop your own your own exercises, quizzes, tests or exams for your kids.

Tracking your child’s learning progress

Our ready quizzes and practice exercises are built to provide instant feedback about your child’s mastery of a subject. This makes it possible for you to identify areas where your child is weak in and adjust homeschool instruction in real time in order to meet your child’s learning needs. Remember, you can also develop your own exercises, quizzes, tests or exams for your kids.


Engaging Worksheets and Workbooks

Our library of worksheets and workbooks covering various subjects from Pre-K through 8th Grade are great resources for homeschooling parents, teachers and students. These worksheets and workbooks are aligned to state standards which makes them ideal for homeschooling. All you need to do is browse for worksheets and workbooks that best fits your needs and print them out and distribute to your kids or students- easy-peasy!

Hands-on learning

EduMonitor has numerous activities and games for hands-on learning for your students or kids. Our teacher approved resources will reinforce topics your child has learnt in the homeschool classroom. If you choose to take your students out for outdoor learning, just print our activity-based worksheets and you’re ready to go. Suppose you’re travelling, we’ve interactive resources or you can print our entertaining activity-based worksheets or coloring pages for your kids as they travel. We encourage you to go outside and let your kids do the numerous games, activities and science experiments as they interact with the natural environment.

Expert-developed lesson plans

Our expert-developed lesson plans can be of great help to homeschooling parents. Planning for homeschool lessons is an uphill task and takes a lot time which can otherwise be used to teach. This is why EduMonitor has developed easily usable lessons plans aligned to state standards to help you teach your students efficiently. Each lesson plan contains step-by-step instructions, materials needed for the lesson, grade level, objectives of the lesson, and for homework. Our lesson plans are available across various subjects in PreK-8.

Many parents and teachers have commended our learning resources. They say that they find them affordable, comprehensive, and they inspire kids to continue learning because they are fun and engaging. Parents and teachers also report that since they started using EduMonitor, the grades of their students have tremendously improved.