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I love EduMonitor. It has quality educational materials that make it easier for me to help my grandkids with homework. My grandkids love your worksheets and activities. Keep up the good work!

Francis M.


I am a chess coach, special education specialist, and bilingual counselor. The lesson plans and worksheets on this website have proved to be of great value to me, my students, parents, and other coaches.  The prep time that has been saved is incredible. More importantly, EduMonitor materials material keep my students engaged, interested, and focused on the subject matter.  Keep them coming! They are wonderful!   



Colette Mcgruder, Ed.D

Region XI Women's Chess Champion, California

“I can’t express how EduMonitor has changed my children’s love for learning! I didn’t understand online learning at all. But one day my wife convinced me to spend a few minutes learning how to navigate EduMonitor. The rest is history. Nowadays, I spend most of my weekend time searching EduMonitor website for articles, worksheets, and books for my kids and they love the materials.  Amazing!



Gilbart O.

Parent, South Africa

I couldn’t have found a better website. EduMonitor has all the math worksheets I need for my students. I now do not need to endlessly search the internet for worksheets. I simply login into EduMonitor and download all the worksheets I need for free.

Marylene H.


Edumonitor has done wonders to our children. We did not know what to do when schools closed due to COVID virus. One day we read in the Nation Newspaper that Edumonitor was allowing parents and teachers free access to their online resources. We thought it was a joke at first. But when registered we found so many worksheets that are relevant to our children. We love using EduMonitor because they have almost everything our kids need. We thank EduMonitor for coming to our rescue at the time of our greatest need.

Norah K.

Parent, Kenya (EduMonitor) has multiple learning resources that any parent, teacher, or student would wish to have. I love the fact that you have the ability to sort the resources by grade levels, subject, or type – a huge time saver. is easy to use and provides students with different learning activities, and interactive learning opportunities that make them be motivated to learn.

Prof. Peter Moriasi (Ph.D)

Chadron State College, Nebraska


With thousands of teacher-crafted learning activities that sync up with the school year, we empower parents and teachers so each child’s needs and potential can take center stage.

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