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Spiral review refers to a method of instruction where students are given multiple opportunities to practice a given skill. Spiral review is different from the traditional teaching practice where teachers teach in “chunks.” In teaching in chunks, the teacher focuses on one skill at a time until the syllabus is covered. In traditional instruction, because of time limitations, some students are rushed thus they do not master the expected skills. Spiral review on the contrary, give students repeated opportunities over the course of the semester to keep practicing the skills until they ultimately master them.
Spiral review is also good for those students who do well in traditional learning methods because is it prevents them from forgetting the skills or sliding in their mastery of the skill. Teachers have observed that at the end of a semester, most students would have lost the skills they learned at the beginning of the semester, thereby necessitating the use spiral review method which give students opportunities to repeatedly practice the skills they seek to acquire throughout the semester.
More importantly, by the students repeatedly practicing a skill makes they become better at the skill- as they say, practice makes perfect. Indeed, most teachers who have used spiral review method attest, most of their students do end up mastering subject skills by the end of the semester.
Today spiral review as a method of instruction is growing popular because many teachers have found it effective in helping students master subject skills as compared to the traditional method of instruction. In view of its success, spiral review is increasingly being adopted by schools across the country as one of the preferred methods of instruction.
If designed and used well, the spiral review instructional approach can help k-12 students achieve their academic goals. EduMonitor with the help of teachers who are experts in spiral review approach of instruction has designed quality yet easy to use spiral review binders. Click to get our materials please click EduMonitor.


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