Tulsa Public Schools’ English Educator Traci D. Manuel is the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year

 Tulsa Public Schools’ English Educator Traci D. Manuel is the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Traci D. Manuel, a 10th grade advanced English II teacher at Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been awarded the prestigious title of 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year. Manuel’s journey to this accolade is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her students, her community, and the pursuit of educational excellence.

Manuel’s path to becoming the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year is as remarkable as it is inspiring. Starting as a substitute teacher in 2005, Manuel’s commitment to her craft saw her rise through the ranks, eventually becoming a certified classroom teacher. Throughout her 13 years of teaching experience, Manuel’s passion for education has never wavered, driving her to create innovative programs such as a district-level leadership course and curriculum, directing the AVID college prep program, and spearheading initiatives like the summer reading service learning project and Women of Power class.

Upon receiving the honor, Traci D. Manuel expressed her surprise and gratitude, stating, “Wow. I am totally shocked. Never could I have imagined being in this position.” She emphasized her deep commitment to education, viewing it not just as a job but as a passion and purpose. “It is not just something as a job, it is a career, but more so, it is my passion and is my purpose,” Manuel affirmed.

Manuel’s recognition as the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year comes after being named Tulsa Public Schools Teacher of the Year. Her exceptional teaching methods, both inside and outside the classroom, have earned her praise and admiration from colleagues, students and community members alike.

As the 2024 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, Manuel will represent her state in the upcoming National Teacher of the Year competition. This prestigious event will showcase Manuel’s talent and dedication on a national stage, where she will compete against other outstanding educators from across the country.

The announcement of Manuel’s achievement was made at a special ceremony hosted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, where she was chosen from a group of 12 finalists representing districts statewide. Among these finalists were educators from diverse backgrounds and specialties, each demonstrating the exceptional quality of teaching in Oklahoma.

Traci D. Manuel’s recognition follows in the footsteps of the 2023 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, Rebecka Peterson, who was named the 2023 National Teacher of the Year. This succession of outstanding educators highlights the strength and caliber of Oklahoma’s teaching community and serves as a source of inspiration for educators nationwide. As Manuel prepares to represent Oklahoma in the national competition, her dedication to her students and her passion for education will undoubtedly shine brightly, showcasing the best of Oklahoma’s teaching excellence on a national stage.

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