The 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year is Hoover High’s English Language Learners Educator, Ann Mincks

The 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year is Hoover High’s English Language Learners Educator, Ann MincksAnn Mincks, a dedicated educator at Hoover High School in Des Moines, has been honored as the 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year. With 16 years of experience, Mincks has significantly impacted her students, particularly those who are English language learners (ELL). This prestigious award recognizes her exceptional contributions to education and her unwavering commitment to student success.

Mincks specializes in teaching English to high school students, many of whom are newcomers to the United States. She leverages evidence-based literacy instruction, grounded in the Science of Reading, to help her ELL students improve their language skills and academic performance. Her innovative teaching methods have led to notable increases in literacy proficiency at Hoover High School.

Director of the Iowa Department of Education McKenzie Snow commended Mincks during the award announcement at an all-school assembly. “Each day, Iowa’s outstanding teachers, like Ann Mincks, provide students with what they need to meet high expectations and realize their incredible potential,” Snow said. “Ann is an expert in meeting the needs of students who are English language learners and leverages the Science of Reading to best support students.”

Mincks is passionate about her work and sees her role as more than just teaching language skills. “I believe our actions as educators matter,” she stated. “I want students to have an experience that truly breaks down the walls of the classroom and connects them to their future successes in a career and as a community member.”

Governor Kim Reynolds also praised Mincks, highlighting the broader impact of her work. “Ann is an exceptional teacher. By providing her students the skills necessary to achieve literacy, she is creating a foundation for them to thrive in school, work and life. Strong literacy skills are critical for all students, and I look forward to the positive impact Ann’s advocacy will have for teachers and students across our state,” Reynolds said.

Mincks expressed gratitude for the support she has received from her colleagues and family. “For me, the really important thing is that it’s kind of shining a light on Des Moines Public Schools and the good work that we’re doing here, and in addition just kind of honoring my family and all they have given me,” she said.

In addition to her teaching duties, Mincks will represent Iowa as the nominee for the National Teacher of the Year competition. Her recognition follows Krystal Colbert, the 2023 Iowa Teacher of the Year, who teaches at Mitchellville Elementary.

The finalists for the 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year included:
• Daniel Black, a music teacher in the Council Bluffs Community School District
• Thomas Braverman, a special education teacher formerly in the Iowa City Community School District
• Rachel Evanoff, a science teacher in the Dubuque Community School District
• Tiffany Herr, an elementary school teacher in the Norwalk Community School District
• Brenda Kaufmann, an elementary school teacher in the North Tama County Community School District
• Nicole Schroeder, an elementary school teacher in the Saydel Community School District

Ann Mincks’ dedication and innovative approaches have not only earned her the title of 2024 Iowa Teacher of the Year but also positioned her as a strong advocate for effective literacy practices and ELL students across the state.

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