STEM Educator Zach Beam Wins the 2023 Wyoming Teacher of the Year Award

STEM Educator Zach Beam Wins the 2023 Wyoming Teacher of the Year Award  Zach Beam, a physical science, physics and advanced chemistry teacher at Newcastle High School, has been recognized as the 2023 Wyoming Teacher of the Year. Through his innovative teaching methods, Beam has inspired students to embrace the wonders of science and engineering while fostering a deep passion for learning.

In a surprise assembly held at Newcastle High School, Zach Beam was announced as Wyoming’s 2023 Teacher of the Year, earning accolades for his exceptional teaching abilities and commitment to student success. Beam’s teaching model has undergone several transformations over the past decade, but his overarching goal has always remained the same: to instill in his students a love for scientific exploration and a desire to excel.

“I was honored to be named Weston #1 District Teacher of the Year, but it is above and beyond to be named Wyoming Teacher of the Year,” Beam said. “It was amazing to see the student reaction to the announcement and it continues to get me excited to see them excited.”

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Brian Schroeder commended Beam for his ability to engage students through innovative techniques, stating, “Zach has the ability to bring the excitement of learning to his students with innovation and explanation. What he is doing in the area of STEM education… just goes to show that he is all-in with letting his students grasp these far-reaching concepts in a way that is really, really fun and exciting.”

Throughout his career, the Wyoming Teacher of the Year has showcased his passion for STEM education by presenting at both state and national conferences. His expertise in managing a paperless classroom, organizing summer field science programs, and implementing student makerspaces has made him a sought-after speaker in the education community.

“He truly does care for all his students, and it shows by the relationship he has established with every one of them. Zach has been a science teacher for WCSD #1 for 10 years… making science fun and exciting as well as educational for the students,” said Superintendent Brad LaCroix of Weston School District #1.

Beam’s academic background, including a Bachelor of Science in Math and Science Education with a focus in physics and a Master of Arts in Science Education with a focus in chemistry, has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in his teaching role.

Zach Beam’s selection as 2023 Wyoming Teacher of the Year is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his students and their educational journey. Through his innovative teaching methods, commitment to STEM education and genuine care for his students, Beam has not only inspired young minds but also ignited a lifelong passion for learning.

“My message to my profession and to the public is to value the opportunities that we can provide our students, “said Beam. “Every time students get exposed to new information, it could be the ember that ignites their passion for education and their future endeavors.”

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