New Jersey Teacher Joseph Nappi Nominated Finalist for the 2024 National Teacher of the Year Award

New Jersey Teacher Joseph Nappi Nominated Finalist for the 2024 National Teacher of the Year Award
Joseph Nappi, a social studies teacher at Monmouth Regional High School in New Jersey, has been named one of the four finalists for the 2024 National Teacher of the Year award. This comes after he was recognized as New Jersey’s State Teacher of the Year earlier in the year. Alongside Nappi, the other finalists for the national honor include Catherine Walker from Alaska, Christy Todd from Georgia and Missy Testerman from Tennessee.

Nappi’s journey to becoming a finalist for the National Teacher of the Year award is marked by his unwavering dedication to his students and his innovative teaching methods. With a Bachelor of Arts in History and Secondary Education from Rowan University, Nappi embarked on his teaching career with a passion for instilling a love of learning and critical thinking in his students.

Throughout his time at Monmouth Regional High School, the 2024 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education. His classroom is a vibrant environment where students are encouraged to explore complex historical concepts and engage in meaningful discussions about social justice and human rights.

Nappi’s impact extends beyond the classroom walls. As a United States Holocaust Museum Teacher Fellow since 2019, he has provided his students with immersive educational experiences that foster empathy and understanding of historical events.

Upon learning of his selection as a finalist for the National Teacher of the Year award, Nappi expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent his school and state on a national stage. “I am deeply honored to be recognized among such esteemed educators”, he remarked. “This nomination is a testament to the dedication of my students and colleagues, whose passion for learning and social justice continually inspire me.”

Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director and CEO of the New Jersey School Boards Association, commended Nappi for his outstanding contributions to education. “Joseph Nappi represents the best of the teaching profession”, he stated. “His commitment to empowering students and fostering critical thinking is truly commendable.”

As Joseph Nappi prepares to compete for the title of National Teacher of the Year, his dedication to education and advocacy shines as a beacon of inspiration. With the support of his students, colleagues, and community, Nappi’s impact on the field of education is sure to endure, inspiring future generations to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world.

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