Harding High Math Educator Michael Houston Wins 2024 Minnesota Teacher of the Year Award

 Harding High Math Educator Michael Houston Wins 2024 Minnesota Teacher of the Year AwardMichael Houston, a mathematics teacher at Harding High School in Saint Paul Public Schools, has been honored as the 2024 Minnesota Teacher of the Year, solidifying his status as a beacon of excellence in education. Houston’s dedication to his craft, his students and his community has set him apart, earning him this prestigious recognition.

In his acceptance speech, Houston expressed both surprise and gratitude, stating, “This is crazy,” with a laugh. He humbly acknowledged the honor, remarking, “I am in no way the perfect teacher.” Yet, he graciously accepted the award as a testament to the growth he has achieved and continues to pursue in his teaching career.

Houston’s commitment to his students is evident in his teaching philosophy, which revolves around creating a classroom community where every student feels valued and supported. He emphasized this point, saying, “My goal every day is to make sure they have fun in their learning and know they are loved.”

His impact extends beyond the classroom walls, as he also serves as a football coach and department chair at Harding High School. Additionally, Houston works as an adjunct professor at Concordia University, where he imparts his passion for mathematics to prospective elementary teachers.

But Houston’s recognition isn’t just about his individual achievements; it’s a testament to the collective dedication of educators in Minnesota. He made sure to acknowledge his fellow finalists, such as Molly Megan Keenan, his colleague at Harding High School, saying, “Truly Molly, this is our award. This is East St. Paul’s award. This is Harding’s award.”

The finalists for the 2024 Minnesota Teacher of the Year represent a diverse array of talents and specialties, reflecting the rich tapestry of education in the state. From Fatuma Ali, an English teacher at Hopkins High School, to Fathimath Eliza Rasheed, a theater teacher at Global Arts Plus-Upper Campus, each finalist brings unique skills and perspectives to their classrooms.

Michael Houston’s recognition underscores the vital role that teachers play in shaping the future. As the 59th recipient of the Minnesota Teacher of the Year award, and the fifth from the St. Paul district, his achievement is not just a personal triumph but a celebration of the profound impact that educators have on their students and communities. His dedication, passion and commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to educators across the state and beyond. Moreover, Houston will represent Minnesota in the National Teacher of the Year competition, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of educators in the state on a national stage.

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