Governor Reynolds Announces Krystal Colbert as Iowa’s 2023 Teacher of the Year

Governor Reynolds Announces Krystal Colbert as Iowa's 2023 Teacher of the Year Krystal Colbert, a veteran teacher with 16 years of experience, has been recognized as Iowa’s 2023 Teacher of the Year by the Iowa Department of Education. Governor Kim Reynolds made the announcement at Mitchellville Elementary School, where Colbert teaches, during a special assembly. Colbert’s exceptional dedication to her students and her profound impact on the education system have earned her this prestigious honor.

In an interview with the Iowa Department of Education, Colbert emphasized the importance of teaching students resilience and the belief that they can overcome challenges. “Life is really hard for children and school can be hard as well, so I think it’s really important to teach them that they can do hard things, they can face those challenges, they can step out of their comfort zone, and they can achieve greatness when they do not let the fear of failure or the fear of making mistakes get in their way,” she passionately stated.

The 2023 Iowa Teacher of the Year’s teaching philosophy centers around empowering her students and instilling in them the confidence to embrace difficulties and strive for success. She understands the significance of nurturing a growth mindset and fostering an environment where students feel supported and valued.

Governor Reynolds expressed her admiration for Colbert’s impactful work, stating, “Outstanding educators like Krystal see that possibilities for growth are endless when you connect students and what they are learning with their community.” The governor recognized Colbert’s commitment to improving education and ensuring that all students reach their full potential.

Krystal Colbert, a second-grade teacher in the Southeast Polk Community School District, has dedicated her career to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. She believes in the power of positive self-affirmations, healthy habits, and a growth mindset in helping students unlock their highest potential. At Mitchellville Elementary, Colbert and her fellow educators strive to cultivate an atmosphere of love, value, and support, empowering students to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve greatness.

As Iowa’s Teacher of the Year, Colbert will serve as an ambassador for education and advocate for students and educators throughout the state. She will have the opportunity to collaborate with schools, higher education institutions, and organizations to promote educational excellence and advance the needs of Iowa’s students.

Krystal Colbert’s recognition as the 2023 Iowa Teacher of the Year exemplifies her unwavering commitment to educational excellence and her ability to inspire and empower students. Her dedication to teaching resilience and overcoming challenges will continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of her students and the broader education community in Iowa.

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