Former Air Force Officer Christian Cheetham Named 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year

Former Air Force Officer Christian Cheetham Named 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year Christian Cheetham, a former Air Force officer, was recently named the 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year. The announcement came as a surprise during a special celebration, where he was recognized for his outstanding teaching abilities and unwavering commitment to his students’ success. Cheetham, who served in the military for 31 years, teaches Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) classes at Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire. He has taught at Alvirne since his retirement from the United States Air Force in 2015.

In describing his teaching approach, Cheetham emphasizes the importance of instilling essential life skills in his students. He believes in teaching students “the soft skills of leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and resiliency,” which are crucial for their future success. Cheetham’s classroom culture focuses on fostering a sense of community, mutual respect, and service to others.

“I think kids and adults are desperate for real experiences. Technology is robbing us of our humanity, and I strive every day to bring the humanity back. In my opinion, our students are desperate for real mentoring relationships,” Cheetham wrote in his application for the 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year competition.

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut applauded Cheetham’s leadership abilities and commitment to excellence. Edelblut stated, ” Colonel Cheetham has shown exemplary leadership abilities throughout his time as a teacher, and his commitment to excellence in education is obvious to those students who have had the pleasure of sitting in his classroom. He continues to teach students that today’s world is full of opportunities, and we commend his passion for collaborative teaching, taking on new initiatives, and recognizing that all students are worthy.”

Principal Steve Beals of Alvirne High School praised Cheetham’s integrity, leadership skills, and exceptional communication abilities. He described him as a true asset to the school and the community, citing his involvement in supporting local organizations and his ability to connect with colleagues and students alike.

As the New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, Christian Cheetham will serve as an ambassador for educators across the state. He will represent New Hampshire in the National Teacher of the Year program, competing against other outstanding teachers from across the country.

Christian Cheetham’s recognition as the 2023 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year exemplifies his unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to providing an exceptional education to his students. Through his innovative teaching methods and focus on developing essential life skills, he continues to make a positive impact on the lives of his students and the community as a whole.

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