Family and Consumer Science Educator Jessica May Named 2024 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Family and Consumer Science Educator Jessica May Named 2024 Colorado Teacher of the YearJessica May, a dedicated educator with decades of experience in the Thompson School District, has been awarded the prestigious title of the 2024 Colorado Teacher of the Year. The announcement came as a delightful surprise during a ceremony at Turner Middle School, where May teaches Family and Consumer Science, a subject she is deeply passionate about.

May’s journey to becoming Colorado Teacher of the Year is marked by her unwavering commitment to her students and her innovative approach to education. “Kids are craving it”, she remarked, emphasizing the importance of teaching real-world skills such as financial literacy and practical life skills. Her ability to connect with her students on a personal level has been praised by the selection committee, who highlighted her innate abilities to inspire and engage young minds.

“I did not get here by myself”, May humbly stated, acknowledging the support of her mentors, teaching partners, and the trust bestowed upon her by parents. Her dedication to her students’ growth and achievement has been recognized through various awards over the years, including the Commitment to Excellence award and the Thompson Education Foundation’s Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Colorado’s education commissioner, Susana Córdova, commended May for her exemplary service, stating, “Ms. May exemplifies the ideal educator who not only imparts real-world knowledge to her middle school students but fosters strong connections with them as well.” This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Marc Schaffer, Superintendent of the Thompson School District, who described May as a “shining star” and “champion for students”.

As the 2024 Colorado Teacher of the Year, May will serve as the public face of Colorado’s teachers and represent the profession at a national level. She will compete for the National Teacher of the Year title, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of educators in Colorado. Additionally, May will have the opportunity to attend special ceremonies, including one at the White House and participate in programs like NASA’s Space Camp.

Jessica May’s recognition is not just a celebration of her individual achievements but a testament to the transformative impact that teachers can have on their students and communities. Her story serves as an inspiration to educators everywhere, reminding us of the power of passion, dedication and genuine care in the field of education.

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