Dr. Cara Kaiser is the 2023 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Teacher of the Year

Dr. Cara Kaiser is the 2023 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Teacher of the Year  Dr. Cara Kaiser, an educator at Lester Middle School, has been awarded the prestigious title of the 2023 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Teacher of the Year. With her passion for teaching and commitment to fostering personal growth in her students, Dr. Kaiser has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

“Dr. Cara Kaiser is a remarkable teacher, challenging her students to take risks in a safe environment that fosters personal and academic growth,” expressed DoDEA Director Tom Brady, emphasizing the impact of Dr. Kaiser’s teaching style. “She brings out the best in both her students and her peers as an outstanding teacher leader.”

Dr. Kaiser, who teaches sixth and seventh grade English language arts, instills a growth mindset in her students, encouraging them to view each attempt as an opportunity for learning and development. Her hands-on, inquiry-based approach connects content-rich knowledge with real-world examples, engaging students in meaningful activities. Through her teaching philosophy of “F.A.I.L. (First Attempt in Learning, and more) Harder,” Dr. Kaiser empowers students to persevere and overcome learning hurdles.

“It is a humbling and honoring experience,” said Dr. Kaiser upon receiving the 2023 Teacher of the Year recognition. “To be recognized as DoDEA’s Teacher of the Year just takes everything — all of the work I have done, and everybody has done — and gives it more meaning.”

Nominated for the award by Ms. Nedra Jones, Principal of Lester Middle School, Dr. Kaiser’s impact extends beyond the classroom. She is known for her collaborative leadership and dedication to student success. Ms. Jones lauded her as a natural leader who builds strong relationships to achieve the highest outcomes for her students.

Dr. Kaiser’s extensive teaching experience spans 25 years, during which she has nurtured students’ academic and personal growth while also assuming various leadership roles. As the chair of the continuous school improvement team at her school and the department chair for the seventh grade, she actively contributes to enhancing the overall educational experience.

With a Doctorate in Leadership in Educational Administration from Capella University, a Master of Education in Technology in Education from Lesley University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Linfield College, Dr. Cara Kaiser possesses a strong educational background that enriches her teaching practice.

As the 2023 Teacher of the Year, Dr. Kaiser’s achievement extends beyond the local level. She will enter the National Teacher of the Year (NTOY) application pool and may have the opportunity to be recognized by the President at a future event at The White House. Additionally, she will attend the NTOY Conference and participate in Teacher of the Year events organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

Dr. Cara Kaiser’s dedication to inspiring young minds and building vibrant learning communities has rightfully earned her the title of the 2023 DoDEA Teacher of the Year. Through her unwavering commitment to excellence in education, Dr. Kaiser continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of her students and the broader educational community.

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