Cory Nieves: The Young Entrepreneur Behind Mr. Cory’s Cookies

Cory Nieves: The Young Entrepreneur Behind Mr. Cory's CookiesCory Nieves, famously known as Mr. Cory, is a young entrepreneur whose early ambition and love for baking led to the creation of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, a company celebrated for its all-natural gourmet cookies. The story began in 2009 when six-year-old Cory and his mother, Lisa Howard, affectionately called “Cookie,” moved from the Bronx to Englewood, New Jersey. The transition from city life to the suburbs sparked Cory’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Motivated by the desire to buy a car and avoid the daily bus commute, Cory decided to sell hot cocoa and cookies outside a local pizzeria. His small venture quickly turned into a modest success, with their cookies selling well at local farmers markets. However, in 2012, the business faced a challenge when the health department required their cookies to be made in a commercial kitchen. A local businessman, impressed by Cory’s determination, offered his kitchen, allowing the young entrepreneur to continue.

Cory’s breakthrough came in 2014 when his story was featured by ABC News and the Huffington Post. This exposure led to an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Cory and his mother received $10,000 and a new 2015 Ford Escape with the Mr. Cory’s Cookies logo. This significant boost helped the business grow, leading to collaborations with major brands like Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, and Macy’s.

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Throughout their journey, Cory’s mother, Cookie, played a crucial role. She encouraged him to expand their offerings to include hot cocoa and lemonade, broadening their customer base. Together, they perfected their cookie recipes, eventually creating an all-natural chocolate chip cookie using premium organic ingredients. This success led to a range of 10 more flavors, all equally delicious and natural.

Cory’s entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in partnerships with leading companies such as Aetna, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, Citibank, J. Crew, Macy’s, Mercedes-Benz, Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren, TOMS, and Viacom. Their remarkable journey was also featured on CNBC’s The Profit.

Mr. Cory’s Cookies are now available on Amazon, Walmart, and their own website. Beyond business, Cory is committed to his studies at Penn State University, enjoys golf, loves spending time with his cats, and remains dedicated to community service.

Lisa Howard, driven by her aspirations, is returning to school to earn her bachelor’s degree and aims to become a motivational speaker for single mothers. Her role in Mr. Cory’s Cookies has also involved engaging with organizations supporting single mothers and at-risk children.

Cory Nieves’ journey from a young entrepreneur selling cocoa and cookies to the founder of a thriving cookie company is a testament to his determination and the power of nurturing a sweet idea with hard work and love.

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