Asia Newson: Candles and Confidence with Super Business Girl

Asia Newson: Candles and Confidence with Super Business GirlAsia Newson, the founder of Super Business Girl, began her entrepreneurial journey when she was just five years old, inspired by watching her father, Michael Newson, sell candles door-to-door in Detroit. Captivated by the process, she decided to learn the trade herself. With determination and a keen sense of business, Asia quickly developed a sales pitch that resonated with many: “Hi, my name is Asia Newson, and I’m known as Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur.”

By the age of 13, Asia had transformed her initial interest into a thriving business. Her company, Super Business Girl, is a family operation where her mother, LaTasha Thomas, serves as president, and her father is the director of sales. Asia’s flagship product is a three-layered pink, yellow and light blue candle sold for $14.99. She also offers other scented candles such as white tea, southern apple, sweet mango, and cotton candy, each priced at $9.99. Beyond candles, her online store features a range of merchandise including T-shirts, mugs, bags and jewelry.

Asia’s dedication extends beyond just selling candles; she is passionate about teaching others the skills she has acquired. Through her “How to be a YOUTHpreneur” workshops, Asia educates students from fourth to 12th grade about entrepreneurship, merchandising, innovation, and candle-making. These hands-on workshops are designed to empower young people with the tools to create their own opportunities and manage their finances. “I teach young people like myself how to make their own money and buy the things they really need in their life,” Asia explained in her 2014 TED talk. “They won’t have to ask their parents for anything if they do the same thing that I do.”

Asia’s path has not been without challenges. As she grew older, selling candles became more difficult due to skepticism from potential customers and security restrictions. Obtaining a business license helped mitigate some of these issues, but her breakthrough came when she met Dan Gilbert, the founder of Quicken Loans. After a chance encounter on Woodward Avenue, Gilbert, impressed by her determination, helped her to sell anywhere in downtown Detroit.

With this newfound freedom, the Super Business Girl focused on improving her business. She sought help from local companies to enhance her packaging and expanded her reach through media appearances, including a notable feature on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her website saw a surge in orders, and her story gained national attention, featuring on platforms such as MSNBC, ABC News and NPR.

Asia’s ultimate dream is to establish schools worldwide that teach at-risk youth how to become entrepreneurs. “My ultimate, ultimate dream is to have schools all over the world…that teach at-risk youth how to become entrepreneurs and empower themselves,” she said. Her message to aspiring entrepreneurs is clear: “You can be a success. Just don’t give up.” Asia Newson’s journey exemplifies resilience, innovation and the power of youthful ambition in achieving entrepreneurial success.

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