Reggie LeDon White Honored as the 2023 Alabama Teacher of the Year

Reggie LeDon White Honored as the 2023 Alabama Teacher of the Year Reggie LeDon White, a fifth-grade math and science teacher at Booker T. Washington K-8 School in Titusville, Alabama, has been named the 2023 Alabama Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made during a ceremony to honor Alabama top educators in Montgomery by the Alabama State Department of Education.

White believes that it is crucial for his students to see him as a real person and to feel connected to the world around them. “I believe it is important for my students to see me as a real person. I ensure that my students are connected to the world around them,” White said. He has spent the past 26 years helping students visualize limitless possibilities and opportunities, using his words to uplift, engage, and inspire each of his students.

The Alabama Teacher Of the Year dedication to his profession has been commended by Birmingham City Schools superintendent, Dr. Mark Sullivan. “The students and the families at Washington K-8 School say that Mr. White helps his students grasp difficult subjects, and he makes it interesting,” Sullivan said. “This is a great moment for Mr. White. He is passionate about educating our scholars, and he truly loves teaching.”

Reggie LeDon White’s journey to becoming a teacher began while studying at Alabama State University. He joined the Baptist Student Union, which gave him the opportunity to spend a summer break as a missionary in San Jose, California. During his mission work experience, he helped meet children’s emotional, social, and cognitive needs, which gave him a sense of purpose he had never experienced before. As the summer progressed, White developed a passion for teaching and received confirmation from a television commercial that inspired him to teach. The commercial featured a child saying, “We need you.” White felt he had to answer the call and pursue his education in teaching.

Reggie White graduated from Alabama State University with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a Master’s degree in education administration, and an education specialist degree in educational leadership. A National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certified Teacher, White shares his guiding principles for teaching and learning with colleagues, stakeholders, and educators in the community and at state conferences.

The Alabama Teacher of the Year Program is a prestigious recognition program that honors teachers throughout the state of Alabama. As the 2023 Alabama Teacher of the Year, Reggie LeDon White will serve as a full-time ambassador for the teaching profession for one year by speaking to civic and professional organizations, P-12 schools, colleges, and universities, conducting workshops for teachers, and writing newspaper and magazine articles.

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