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ReadforkidChildren story books and great weather go hand in hand. Whether poolside or on a family picnic, don’t forget to bring books for the kids to enjoy.

“It can be tempting to plop kids down in front of the television during downtime, but books are just as engaging and can be a lot more rewarding when shared together,” says Nancy Ellwood, Editorial Director at DK, a publisher of children’s and adult books.

Children story books for preschoolers, consider these titles.

Make Noise

Babies love reading with parents. And infants especially love books that encourage them to make noise.

Guide babies in making fun, silly sounds with “Baby Cheep! Cheep!” Colorful pictures of favorite animals and rhyming text keep babies engaged and help them learn about the world around them.

Fluffy Bunny

With padded covers, simple images and a range of textures, “Baby Touch and Feel: Bunny” is a great choice. Part of the classic “Touch and Feel” series designed to capture the attention of budding readers and t; the book’s textured format promotes sensory learning. Simple visuals and labels encourage recognition and naming of objects.

Hands-On Learning

Help preschoolers develop fine motor skills with “Follow the Trail: Farm.” The book encourages little ones to use their fingers to follow the shiny trails. DK’s new “Follow the Trail” series includes colorful photography and activities that teach children about shapes, sorting, and matching, as well as developing hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills.

With trails that let toddlers circle the wheel of a tractor, explore around the farm, and connect farm animals and the products they give us, this title provides hands-on learning.

Educational Firsts

Packed with information and eye-catching images, “My First Tractor” is part of the relaunch of the iconic “My First” series. This revamp includes updated photography, contemporary design, and a modern approach to engaging preschoolers – excellent for reading alone or with an adult.

With clear labels and 16 spreads of tractor images, the book builds vocabulary and language skills. Kids also learn about different types of tractors and their uses. The book includes counting and color-matching activities.

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You can help foster a love of literature at a young age by providing children with great reading material all year long. (StatePoint)

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