Tips for Stopping Summer Slide


Tips for stopping Summer SlideDuring the summer period when school is out of session, students experience a decline in reading and other academic areas. This summer slide or summer learning loss, as it is often called, if not prevented or at least mitigated can hugely affect academic performance of students. Students can forget a huge junk of what they learned before the summer break because most of them rarely study at home.
Often many parents find it difficult to homeschool their kids during summer, and this is the main reason of summer slide. On the other hand, teachers become frustrated when they have to repeat teaching the skills, they had already covered because of summer slide.
So what can you, as a parent, do to prevent or lessen summer slide? In this article, we explore tips that can help parents to prevent student summer learning loss. The tips include:
• Have your child read at least 30 minutes daily. It advisable to leave the kids choose what to read. Children are likely to learn more when they read for fun.
• Use a variety of reading materials like workbooks, picture books and coloring books.
• Inquire from your kids’ school whether they offer summer programs. If they do, you may enroll your children in the programs.
• Local libraries have summer programs where kids learn while doing fun activities. You may have your kids participate in these programs.
• Explore online resources. EduMonitor for instance, has thousands of worksheets and quizzes that you can either print out or do them online, for kids learning.
• Organize trips or tours for the whole family. You may carry some fun learning materials or have the kids learning orally.

There are several ways you can keep your kids engaged and learning during summer. With a little effort, it is possible for you to prevent your kids from experiencing summer slide. However, remember that you shouldn’t burden your kids with lot homework. Be consistent and let learning be fun.

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