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Teaching our students Financial literacy is one oFinancial literacy learning resourcesf the best to show relevance of math to them. What is the relevance of studying math? How does it apply to the daily lives of the kids outside school? These are the questions kids and sadly some parents struggle to find answers. When kids fail to see the significance of math in their lives, now and in the future, they begin losing interest, and ultimately believing they are not good at math.

Speaking of relevance to our daily lives, it doesn’t get better than teaching kids about consumer math or financial literacy. Consumer math is the study of the basic math concepts that are used in daily life. It is teaching the real world applications of math to students. Teaching kids math skills in real life situations like shopping, calculating taxes, estimating monthly budget, calculating interest rate for a loan, and other aspects of “money math” can go a long way to ensure future financial security for the kids.

Consumer math has a myriad of benefits for your kids ranging from increased problem-solving skills to critical thinking skills. Your trusted K-5 comprehensive education program EduMonitor has created thousands of teacher-approved financial literacy activities to help teachers and parents teach their kids about money. EduMonitor money math activities include shopping word problems, consumer math worksheets, counting coins worksheets, money worksheets, financial literacy lesson plans, among others.

Using real-life situations involving financial literacy can help children learn a range of math concepts and numeracy skills like lending and borrowing, budgeting, and interest rates.  You can also use money to teach your children on math concepts like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, etc. Students are more likely to remember and understand what they have learned because they applied it to something they’re interested in and something that they can use in their lives. However, make sure you don’t use complex numbers even as you use money to teach math operations to kids.

If you need resources such as consumer math or financial worksheets, games, lesson plans, EduMonitor is for you. EduMonitor ready-made teacher-crafted learning activities that sync up with the school year.

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With thousands of teacher-crafted learning activities that sync up with the school year, we empower parents and teachers so each child’s needs and potential can take center stage.

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