13-Year-Old Elijah Muhammad Graduates from College with a Degree in Computer Science

13-Year-Old Elijah Muhammad Graduates from College with a Degree in Computer Science   At just 13 years old, Elijah Muhammad has achieved a remarkable milestone that sets him apart from his peers—he is a college graduate. With an associate’s degree in computer science and cybersecurity from Oklahoma City Community College, Muhammad’s intellectual accomplishments have caught the attention of people worldwide. His dedication, academic excellence and thirst for knowledge serve as an inspiration to students of all ages.

Muhammad credits his father’s homeschool program, Pro One Collegiate Academy, for his accelerated learning journey. This unique program nurtured his passion for cybersecurity and provided him with the tools and resources to excel. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Muhammad shared, “It basically accelerates your learning into things that you’re interested in. So, since I was interested in cybersecurity, it accelerated me in that and I was able to go to college early.” This tailored approach enabled him to tap into his potential and pursue higher education ahead of his peers.

Despite his tender age, Elijah Muhammad left a lasting impression on his college classmates. He recalls their initial disbelief, stating, “They thought I would just be quiet in class. But when I asked questions and I was interacting with the class, they were more surprised.” Muhammad’s thirst for knowledge and active participation showcased his maturity and determination. His sister, Shania Muhammad, who graduated from Langston University at the age of 15, commended his accomplishments: “He’s the smartest person I know. And regardless of if you’re older or not, it’s like I’ve never seen anything like him.”

Muhammad’s intellectual pursuits are complemented by his active participation in other activities. Alongside his studies, he finds time for swimming and basketball, demonstrating a well-rounded personality. Moreover, Muhammad has taken on the role of a motivational speaker, aspiring to inspire others to achieve their goals. He firmly believes in the power of determination and hard work, stating, “If you want to put your mind to making a 4.0, you can do it. If you want to put your mind to winning a state championship, you can do it. You just gotta put in the work that it takes to accomplish that.”

Elijah Muhammad’s exceptional achievement as a 13-year-old college graduate has captivated the world, showcasing his unwavering determination and thirst for knowledge. Through his accelerated learning journey and his dedication to cybersecurity, he has shattered age barriers and proven that with the right support and passion, anything is possible. Muhammad’s story serves as an inspiration to students worldwide, encouraging them to pursue their interests, strive for excellence and overcome obstacles in their educational journeys. As Mohammad continues his academic pursuits and endeavors to motivate others, the world eagerly watches the impact he will make on the future.

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